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3 Tiers of Links

With the SERP Killa, you get an ultra high-quality layer of relevant, in-content links pointing to your website, supported by two more layers of diverse backlinks. The “link-juice” flows through the tiers, super-charging all of your top-level links, and skyrocketing your site to the top of the search results. Learn More…

Ultra High Quality

Not only do we take care to research and craft your 100% UNIQUE article content properly, we also build you top-level links that hold MASSIVE authority. All web 2.0 properties and articles we create contain well-researched, niche-relevant posts with on-site optimization, authority links, and images/videos. Learn More…

The V3 Advantage

Our SEO campaigns are designed to cover the 3 most important aspects of link building – Link Value, Link Volume and Link Velocity. Our powerful and proprietary V3 strategy ensures the effectiveness of our SEO campaigns for even the most difficult-to-rank keywords. Learn More…

How It Works

Send Us Your Info

Once you choose your SERP Killa package, you’re taken to a form where you provide us your details – site URL(s) and keyword(s). All it takes is 30 seconds of work on your part. See our link building strategy or our SEO Packages

Sit Back & Relax

That’s literally it. Sit back, relax and let us build high-quality links for you! We drip-feed content, links and social signals over two weeks to avoid any suspicious “red flags” from Google.

Check Your Report

Once we’ve completed your campaign, we send you a FULL LINK REPORT, documenting every single link and social signal we build. If any top-level properties die, we’ll replace them for you – free of charge!

See Rankings Rise

We’re confident you’ll be happy with The SERP Killa. Once you see your rankings rise, choose some new keywords and come back for another go!

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The SERP Killa is NOT just your average SEO Link Building Service. It’s an ultra high-quality authority builder based on 100% unique content, high PR web 2.0 properties and the V3 Advantage. You get links that look 100% natural. We give Google what it wants, so that Google gives you what you want – the #1 spot!

Our link building services can help you gain more traffic, get increased exposure and grow your profits!
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